Enum or const

Enum's are fine

I've been using enum for a long time and tried switching to const several times. For the most part, there's very little syntax and not many downsides so long as the enums are assigned a value.

enum StatusAsEnum {
Active = 'active',
Deactive = 'deactive',
None = 'none',

const better?

The flip side of this is to define a const as const and then use a keyof to get the type.

const Status = {
Active: 'Active',
Deactive: 'Deactive',
None: 'None',
} as const
type StatusAsConst = keyof typeof status
function log(status: StatusAsConst) {
if (status === status.Active) {
console.log('We are active')

This is ok but now we need the

a) const as const declaration b) keyof typeof syntax, a secondary type declaration and then we also need to ensure that our key/value's are actually identical when we want to use them.

Using this other syntax is probably just laziness on my part. It's always required importing both the type and the const and knowing which is which when checking against. Not having a naming standard for these PascalCase'd const's. It was kind of nice that things that are typescript are PascalCase'd.

Maybe I'll try again in 2023 and see if I can get used to it since it's closer to js.

Alternative as const

This way we use the as const syntax and then use the typeof to get the type. Then we can use the const enum when we need to provide the type.

INITIALIZED: 'initialized',
CONNECTING: 'connecting',
CONNECTED: 'connected',
UNAVAILABLE: 'unavailable',
FAILED: 'failed',
DISCONNECTED: 'disconnected',
} as const
type PusherStatus = (typeof PUSHER_STATUS)[keyof typeof PUSHER_STATUS]
// type PusherStatus = 'uninitialized' | 'connecting' | 'connected' | 'unavailable' | 'failed' | 'disconnected'
function exampleStatus({ status }: { status: PusherStatus }) {
console.log('We are connected')
} else {


Making this into a utility may make it easier to remember.

type Values<T> = T[keyof T]

utility-types has this included as

import { $Values } from 'utility-types'
type PusherStatus = $Values<typeof PUSHER_STATUS>